Meet the designer.

A photo of Josh Brown, the founder and designer of Brands By Brown.

Hi, I'm Josh!

I've been head down in a sketchbook ever since I learned to hold a pencil. Through the years, I've carried that love of drawing and creating art close with me, which eventually led to me graduating with my BFA in Graphic Design from the University of West Florida in 2015. Now I serve as the founder and designer of Brown Creative– a small branding and web design shop in Birmingham, AL– loving every minute of it.

After filling up countless sketchbooks since my padawan days, I have discovered a persistent passion for 3 areas of design: branding, websites, and illustration. It is my passion and joy to create unique and meaningful logos, websites, and illustrations that work to elevate the brands of my clients. I count myself lucky to have had the pleasure of partnering with several small to midsize companies over the years to provide custom, creative solutions that set them apart from their competition.

I particularly love partnering with churches to help communicate their message to the communities they serve. If you are a church looking for an affordable solution to your creative needs, please send me a message!